S.Y. Mufasa


Sail across Lake Malawi on a catamaran – this is exclusiveness in the heart of Africa!

Max. Gäste: 6
Bordsprache: Englisch
Gebiet: Malawi
Tauchen: with an extra Dhoni, compressor is carried along on the Dhoni, no Nitrox available, no rental equipment available.

The catamaran was originally designed as an ocean-going sailboat and is lovingly maintained and constantly improved by his owner, experienced mariner and engineer Howard Massey-Hicks (owner of the Danforth Lodge in Monkey Bay). The 11-meter ship has four small cabins with queen-sized beds and limited storage space. Two cabins share one bathroom.


At the rear of the ship, guests enjoy an outdoor shower between dives or after swimming. The small lounge area next to the kitchen allows you to watch the chef prepare the meals. In the front, a mesh trampoline allows you to sunbathe and relax. The tasty and versatile dishes are planned by Danforth Lodge owner Michelle Massey-Hicks.

Diving takes place from the accompanying dhoni. Due to the isolated location of Lake Malawi, no Nitrox is yet available. During diving cruises, the compressor is taken along on the dhoni to provide full tanks. The lake has a rather constant water temperature of 26 to 28 degrees Celsius and visibility is crystal clear at most dive sites – a constant source of wonder for divers used to muddy lakes with bad visibility.

In autumn, one may not only observe an ever-present and stunning variety of colourful cichlids but also the local catfish known as “kampango”. These catfish may be as large as 1.5 meters and guard their young ones against attackers. At the time of the year when we offer dive vacations in Malawi, the cichlid mouthbreeders may be observed attending to their offspring. Moreover, the variety of dive sites including wide plateaus as well as steep rock needles and huge boulders offers an amazing playground for any diver.