M.Y. Shear Water


Face to face with the great predators of the sea

Bauart: steel ship
Max. Gäste: 10
Strom: 110 V (US-American adapter required)
Inklusivleistungen: all meals and non-alcoholic beverages
Gebiet: Bahamas
Tauchen: Nitrox upon advance request and for an extra charge

Benefit from the longstanding experience of Jim Abernethy, the American specialist who has set a standard for shark encounters without cages. Jim’s Bahamas trips rank among the most favourite of diving trips for shark enthusiasts all over the world. Since 1999, the Shear Water is a simple yet practical liveaboard for the ultimate shark encounter.

The 22-meter long Shear Water is a plain and simple ship without any flourish for the adventurous and those who prefer outstanding animal encounters to luxury accommodations. Guests sleep in three cabins (each with two beds) and one bunk bed area with four beds that is separated by a curtain in the front of the ship. Two bathrooms with shower and toilet are available (soap, shampoo, and conditioner are provided). The whole ship is equipped according to the strict US-American safety guidelines and has air conditioning and a sufficient supply of freshwater. For relaxation you may use the small lounge or the bow area if you prepare to sunbathe.

A camera table with charging stations is located in the small lounge. The diving platform at the rear is rather small yet practical. If you choose the Shear Water, you do not book a luxury liveaboard but you want to spend as much time as possible with sharks.

The team around Jim Abernethy excels at its shark expertise and a tremendous amount of experience – here you finally experience the shark adventures you always were craving for! With a little luck you may even encounter Jim’s friend Emma – the 14-feeet long tiger shark considers Tiger Beach its home and can be found here frequently.