M.Y. Ocean Hunter I


On our way to the Rock Islands…

Bauart: sailing ship
Max. Gäste: 6
Strom: 110 V (adapter required)
Bordsprache: English, German
Inklusivleistungen: all meals and soft drinks
Gebiet: Palau

The Ocean Hunter I is an exceptionally small liveaboard and highly recommendable for small groups of guests who require a maximum of privacy. Just like its sister ship Ocean Hunter III it was designed by divers according to the needs of divers. There is no limit for dives and divers enjoy the no-fuss diving directly from the ship’s diving platform – no transfer back to the ship required after diving.

Three cabins with individual bathrooms and air-conditioning provide enough space for six passengers. This guarantees lonely reefs, maximum bottom times, and personal attention and care. Nitrox is available for an extra fee and there is adequate equipment for editing films and pictures as well as a work area for videographers and photographers.

Spacious storage areas and an unbelievable 60 (!) sockets provide space for your electronic equipment and for charging batteries.

The early divers at Palau constructed this ship and thus provide you with the chance to explore unique dive sites and enjoy a maximum of privacy and independent diving.