M.S.Y. Galatea


Bauart: 30 m langer Schoner
Max. Gäste: 12
Bordsprache: Englisch
Inklusivleistungen: all meals, tea, coffee, drinking water (soft drinks, coffee specialties and alcoholic beverages for an extra charge)
Gebiet: Inner Islands of the Seychelles
Tauchen: The typical granite formations that one has come to expect from the Seychelles can be found under water as well. A lack of strong currents, dive sites with an average depth of 15 to 20 meters, and water temperatures ranging between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius guarantee diving fun for both advanced divers and especially beginning divers with little experience.

The Galatea is a two-master schooner with a length of 30 meters and a width of 6.2 meters. It accommodates a total of merely 12 guests in five double and two single cabins. Every single detail has been carefully crafted and the ship provides all the amenities one expects from an exclusive diving and/or snorkelling vacation.

The two-master was launched in 1987 in Bodrum (Turkey) and was used as a dive safari ship in Egypt for many years. Under a new owner and after four years of hard work, the ship was remodelled and modernised in 2013 in Kiel (Germany). The four double cabins (Cousine, Curieuse, Silhouette, and Frégate) and the single cabins (Thérèse and Conception) are located on the lower deck, the master cabin (North Island) with its two bathrooms is on the middle deck. All cabins have been named after islands in the Seychelles Archipelago and offer spacious storage areas for personal belongings. All cabins are provided with air conditioning and a private bathroom. The cabins are equipped with double beds without exception (no twin bed cabins available). The single cabins are smaller but still have a queen-sized bed (no extra fee for single travellers).

The chef provides the passengers with a perfect blend of Creole and European cuisine. Sometimes the catch of the day is lovingly prepared by the crew for dinner. Meals may be arranged in buffet form or may be served at the tables. Please notify us of any dietary needs, the wish for vegan/vegetarian food or any allergies in advance – the chef will attend to your dietary needs as much as possible. There is no limit to drinking water, coffee and tea. Soft drinks, beer, wine and any other alcoholic drinks and coffee specialties are available for an extra charge.

In between dives passengers enjoy snorkelling, fishing or kayaking. The lounge is equipped with an entertainment system. The two sun decks offer a place to retreat for reading or relaxing. A holiday on the Seychelles would not be complete without a visit to the famous beaches of La Digue or Praslin or to the big tortoises on Curieuse. Therefore, enough non-diving time is scheduled during the 7-day trip for shore leave. This makes the stay on the Galatea perfect for couples with non-diving partners.