You always wanted to see the vastness of eternal ice and feel the chill of the polar climate? Experience the extremes of our planet first-hand and join us on a unique nature expedition!

Max. guests: 116
Electricity: 220 V
Language(s) spoken aboard : English, bilingual cruises are offered in Dutch, French and German
Services included: all meals, drinking water, tea, coffeealle Mahlzeiten, Wasser, Tee, Kaffee
Region: polar regions including Iceland, Svalbard, and Greenland
Diving: an experienced ice diving crew tends to cold water divers on specific trips; no rental gear available, diving is only an option for advanced divers with ice diving experience due to extreme conditions

M.V. Ortelius is a cruiser that has been specifically adapted for polar expeditions. The ship was built in Gdynia (Poland) in 1989 and was launched as “Marina Svetaeva” for the Russian Academy of Sciences. For several years it was employed as a passenger and supply vessel. It has been a part of the renowned Oceanwide Expeditions fleet – our trusted partner for polar expeditions – since 2011.

The formerly as “Marina Svetaeva” known vessel was operated for the Russian Academy of Sciences. Since 2011 it has been part of the Oceanwide Expeditions fleet under Dutch management. It has been renamed “Ortelius” in honour of the Dutch cartographer Abraham Ortelius (1527 – 1598). The 91-meter vessel has been designed for extreme conditions including pack ice and is equipped with 11 zodiacs (2 are used as backups) to transport passengers ashore.

Passengers choose among various cabin categories. The quadruple and triple cabins are functional and purpose-built and offer enough storage space. The double cabins have port holes and individual bathrooms. Twin window and deluxe cabins have real windows. So do the superior cabins; these are the only cabins equipped with double beds and a private salon.

Two restaurants and one lecture room with a bar provide savoury dishes and a suitable drinks selection. Each trip is accompanied by a number of polar experts and scientists who entertain guests with informative talks and lectures and inform passengers about flora, fauna, climate and history of our destinations.

Due to its expedition nature with its stunning animal encounters and immediate confrontation with nature’s extremes the atmosphere on board is rather informal. Passengers prefer casual clothing – you may well leave your high heels and evening gowns at home! The Ortelius is one of the few ships that allow passengers to visit the wheelhouse and navigating bridge at specific times. The ship’s very own helicopter is an absolute asset – good weather and wind conditions provided, passengers are transported to the emperor penguins on Snow Hill Island and on the Antarctic mainland.

Both the expedition leader and the captain decide daily about feasible expeditions and daily activities with safety aspects and current weather conditions in mind. A journey to the polar regions is still an endeavour that requires great flexibility, an ability to adapt, and an adventurous spirit. Whoever loves wind, weather, and pure nature will immediately feel at home aboard the Ortelius.