Deep See Submersible

Cocos Island - Pazifik

Diving an inconceivable 300 meters into the depths of the ocean – no tedious pressure equalization or lengthy decompression stop needed? Book a ride on the DeepSee and experience a unique adventure in a dark world where the unknown lurks and strange creatures beckon.

The Cocos Island – based submarine boat has a length of 6 meters and is 3 meters wide, thus providing space for two passengers and one pilot. The plexiglass panorama dome allows for an unimpeded 360-degree view of the vastness of the ocean. The 10-centimeter thick plexiglass turns almost invisible when under water and makes you experience the underwater world in an unprecedented fashion.

After a short general introduction and a compulsory safety briefing the passengers get dressed in a special cotton suit with socks and climb into the cockpit-like interior of the DeepSee. With a speed of 10 to 15 meters per minute and with safety in mind, the pilot steers the vessel into the depth. Depending on the kind of dive planned, you spend between two and three hours under water, surrounded by strange creatures that only few people have observed yet. During the whole dive the DeepSee is rigorously monitored by the mother ship.

Please book your DeepSee once-in-a-lifetime adventure well in advance, because only two dives a day are possible and the DeepSee is also booked by scientists for maritime studies. Make sure to bring your wide-angle camera lenses!