Misool Eco Resort


Raja Ampat has long ceased to be an insider’s tip among divers. However, the exclusive Misool Hideaway with its powdery white beaches and its primal coral reefs may well considered a well-kept secret. The island Batbitim where the resort is built on is located in the Raja Ampat Shark and Manta Sanctuary and is managed according to high standards of environmental protection and sustainability without sacrificing exclusivity and a certain level of luxury.


The villas are entirely built of noble woods and have thatched roofs and accommodate up to 32 guests. 8 luxurious water villas are built directly above the sea whereas the beach villas on the south beach are a little remote and offer lots of privacy. Some of the beach villas have two bedrooms.
Families like the Villa Utara Residence located in the northern bay with a spectacular view of the house reef. The two bedrooms with a shared bathroom are the perfect choice for couples with children.
Villa Tabisasu, too, is located in the northern bay beneath shady coconut trees on the eastern edge. Here one may experience great sunrises – especially couples who highly value privacy will enjoy this villa.

The other villas are called Kalanme, Santai and Tenang and are located at the far end of the south beach. Villa Moro Laiyn and Villa Waya Biru are tucked under the jungle canopy of the south beach. This is the place to be for adventurous travellers who enjoy a hint of Robinson Crusoe flair: the villas are only accessible via a steep, idyllic jungle path or via water taxi. Since September 2014, two additional villas (Nasnoos and Wakachom) located in the northern lagoon complement the accommodations available.


Meals are served in the shaded restaurant on the beach overlooking the North Lagoon. Guests enjoy a blend of Asian and Western cuisine with an emphasis on fresh, local produce. Please let the management know in advance whether you require vegetarian or vegan food; the chef will also try to accommodate guests with allergies. No pork or reef fish dishes are served – fish is line-caught outside the no-take zone. The resort has its own plantation for growing bananas and papaya – the personnel is happy to show you around.


The dive centre is quite spacious and tends to the needs of underwater photographers and videographers. A 50-square meter area allows you to charge batteries and prepare your gear. A 120-square meter patio invites you to relax between dives and to sunbathe. Four zodiacs transport divers to the dive sites.

Generally, three boat-assisted dives are offered per day – breaks for surface intervals are usually spent at the dive centre. Nitrox is available for certified divers for free. The managers of the dive centre lay great emphasis on safety: dives beyond the depth of 30 meters and deco diving is prohibited.


The Misool spa offers a range of beauty products based on natural ingredients. Enjoy a coconut peeling, a facial toner with freshly squeezed cucumber or body wraps made from aloe vera and banana leaves. Have a relaxing massage or a body treatment with natural products.