Kaya Mawa Island Lodge


Upon their first stay in the Kaya Mawa Lodge guests tend to be speechless. The countless awards that this luxury resort has received in the past few years therefore speak for themselves. The resort is located in untouched solitude on an idyllic island inhabited by locals and offers unparalleled privacy. Dreaming of the Bora Bora and Tahiti is outdated – the modern traveller with uptown tastes looks for the bluish colourfulness of the water and the perfect holiday surroundings on Lake Malawi in the heart of Africa.


The term “room” does not even come close to what the accommodation at Kaya Mawa Lodge really looks like – guests reside in 11 luxury chalets along the beach. Each villa is lovingly decorated in natural materials like stone and teak. No chalet resembles the other – the creators emphasised individuality and exclusivity. The Kaya Mawa resort is embedded in a half-moon bay with a great natural woods and stone scenery. Guests choose among villas on the highest spot of the resort with a 360-degree view onto the lake, a villa on a private island connected with a footbridge to the mainland, chalets along the wide sandy beach under huge baobab trees or the two luxury villas Madimba and Mainja that are modestly referred to as “houses”. These special chalets have a private stone pool, a wonderful outdoor patio and unique bathrooms. Never before has luxury been as intoxicating and taken for granted before. Travellers with a desire for romantic solitude and an exceptional experience of nature and authenticity in combination with impeccable service have found perfection – this is Kaya Mawa.


The award-wining cuisine of Kaya Mawa defines delectation in a new way: ingredients are of course hand-selected including fresh fruit, fancy spices and herbs and premium produce from organic farms. What the chef creates from these condiments is nothing but short of miraculous. The location is in no way inferior to the delicacies offered. Meals are served either in the shaded patio, at a private table for two or directly on the beach. If you then decide to have a nightcap at the bar, you will be rewarded with a colourful sunset.


The PADI resort Likoma Island Divers is well-equipped and makes your heart leap for joy. Who would expect a certified diving base in the middle of Malawi? The crystal clear waters and the smooth surface of the lake in the morning offer great visibilities and a spectacular view of the cichlid diversity of Lake Malawi and the fascinating underwater landscapes. Discovering new species in unknown waters will delight even the seasoned diver and divers will soon count their Lake Malawi dives to their most rewarding freshwater diving experiences.


Sporty guests may engage in snorkelling, water ski, sailing, kite surfing, or kayaking. Curious travellers will want to explore the island on foot, by mountain bike or by quad. But actually, you may just be too lazy and simply enjoy lying on one of the small sun lounges spread across the beach and have the beauty of the lake do its wonders. The tranquillity of the resort allows for deep relaxation and indulges the senses. Your hosts will tend to you tirelessly and discreetly. Have a massage in the airy massage pavilion after your dive or enjoy small delicacies and drinks at the beach – this is truly a unique destination you do not want to miss.